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Q: Tax Dollars: If I have flex money available towards an eye exam, what do you recommend I use it towards or what does it cover?
A: Flex money isn't on any eye care plan but just money that comes from your job. If you need an eye exam that comes first, but right after would be eyeglasses. Glasses are something that they can pocket and most of the time, flex money can cover most, if not all, the cost of a pair.

Q: How can I stop glare at night or at a computer?
A: There can be many causes for this condition. However, many times this problem can be alleviated, or even dismissed, with the use of non-glare lenses. First and foremost, however, annual or semi annual eye exams are the ONLY avenue to your eye health, and the ONLY resource to ascertain the correct reason or cause for any ailment! That being said, and once any medical or physical condition is removed as a possibility of cause, then the perfect solution for glare on computer screens, or glare from night driving would be CRIZAL® Advanced with Scotchguard. CRIZAL® has made astronomical advances with new non-glare technology. Most non-glare lenses have an non-glare coating applied to a finished lens. CRIZAL® has discovered how to manage a lens with new non-glare technology, so the lens is not non-glare coated, but the non-glare actually becomes a component of the lens. This is accomplished during the manufacturing of the lens, thereby giving superior resiliency, scratch protection, and durability.

Q: I’m 45 years old, why can’t I see my smartphone without holding it further away or enlarging the print size?
A: What you’re experiencing is called Presbyopia. This happens to everyone if you live long enough. Some people start noticing it at age 40 and some not until they hit age 50. There is no 100% proven way to stop Presbyopia from occurring; however we can correct it with the proper pair of glasses. There are many different options for correction. These options are personalized to fit your lifestyle, so book an appointment with your Optometrist to find out which option is best for you.